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BTW I'm not dead

I'm not dead... I should be... I miss you all SO FUCKING MUCH! ;____; I'm still on major hiatus cause school like to take me and smash me into the ground, but! I now have plurk thanks to diane...though I'm not sure how much thanks I should give her.



That's me! Yeah I know awesome right! Anyway, I prob won't be able to post again until...December? Guh. And I have no idea how you guys are. ;___; I hope everyone is doing alright... Come talk to me and tell me what's been going down!
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[One-shot] Crushed

Sorry guys but this, it just kills me because I do that and I know how it feels and I can just remember how I felt when I let someone down and how it feels like I want to rip out my heart and go hide for eternity...and it kills me that i know that that is what he's feeling, but he's not allowed to run away...not allowed the chance
god its just so frustrating

Sorry for the horrible run-on sentence, but I'm in no fit mind to think about grammar.

Title: Crushed
Author: Jenni mcgrjc6
Pairing: Changmin-centric
Raing: PG
Disclaimer: Of course I don't own them! If I did they'd be having a break more than once a year...
Summary: Changmin reflects on his fall during the Beijing "O" concert.
A/N: Written in response to Changmin's fall. It teared me up so bad that I had to write about it. Thanks to Diane roselit for fixing all my grammar mistakes. ♥

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Diane wrote one too... I think its better, but I just had to get this out. It's over at jjigae
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Happy B-day Chun Chun!!!

Happy Birthday Yoochun!

You are always so full of crack and always put a smile on my face ^__^ Please continue to make everyone smile by doing what you do best...making fun of Su su XD

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Thanks for stopping by!!! Photobucket

Oh yeah...guess what guys...I haven't gone to bed yet XDD My fucked up sleep schedule is reaching new heights =_=

HB madness!

This is more of a Pic and Fancam (though I think the fancams are gonna come in a second post) spam as I'm sure everyone is bored with fan accounts. If you really want to know my experience just go over to roselit  's journal and read her's. I was with her the entire time anyway... But I would like to go over the highlights...I'll bold anything really important so you don't have to read it throughly^^

1) Suprised Heechul on the 16th floor - I was the first one out of the elevator and we both stared at each other for a while before I realized that it was him. XD I was like "Heechul!?" and he gave the O.O face (so classic^^). We were starting to get loud cause OMG it was Heechul! so he put his finger to his mouth and shushed us, which was SOOOOOOO cute. XDDD He walked to his room while the rest of us said good night to him~ awwwww *spazzle*

2) Saw Yehsung on the 21st floor - Poor guy he got off the elevator to a bunch of fangirls in the lobby only to go the wrong way to his room. He had to turn around and walk back through us...he was smiling (prob at his own mistake) when he walked through us a second time.

3) Saw Yunho getting interview - I had three fancams from this so check these out. Pretty much Yunho is SOOO handsome in person and looks just absolutely amazing! He was wearing that horrible green and orange and white shirt, that made him look like speed racer. Though when I saw him in it in person...he just looked so good! When he left I asked him for his autograph and his said no , but he said no TO ME!~ *spazz--ded*......*resuscitates* OMG he's so tall and handsome and omg I'm gonna stop now...

4) Saw Yunho, Changmin, and Yoochun leaving for Universal Studios! - check out roselit 's journal for more in dept account. I also have a fancam of this --- notice how Changmin laughed at Yunho's slowness. XDDDD Homin ftw!

5) Saw Sungmin, Shindong, and Eunhyuk multiple times - check out the pics and fancams!

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13) Later we hoped on a elevator with Eeteuk and Yehsung, but they were with their managers (who are crazy protective!) So pretty much all I did was stare and wave like mad XD...Funny thing was on the floor that Eeteuk got off at Jaejoong was trying to get on XDDD. The doors opened and Jae saw us and was like O.O, too bad his manager was there too and didn't allow him to get on with us :x

14) By the time everyone had caught on to out little game of elevator tag we were stuck on the 14th floor which happened to be the one where (for sure) Yoochun and his manager were staying. We saw them getting alot of ice from the ice machine, then later Yoochun stuck his head out of their door to see if the manager was coming back and he was barefoot :D Weird thing is that they never shut their door, it was cracked open the entire time XD.

Please wait for the fancams, they should prob be up either tonight at some ungodly hour or tomorrow depending on how well YT likes me +_+

Please no HOTLINKING and if you do plan to share my pictures or fancams please ask me first ^^;;